Top 10 Cartridge Filling Machines in the World

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In the ever-changing Vaping Industry, ink cartridge filling machines、 play a very important role. These devices act as the backbone of production that accurately, quickly, and efficiently fill vape cartridges with the oil. However, what characterizes them and produces their wonders? Furthermore, how do they serve different business requirements within this field? This article dwells on the top 10 vape-filling machines globally, unraveling the unique features, technical fineness, and operational reinforcement that place them as essential vaping accompaniments.

The Significance of Cartridge Filling Machines in the Vaping Industry

For the vaping industry, cartridge fillers are more than a machine. They are one of the key production chains that manufacture vaping products. The main purpose of the quality control process is to make product output more uniform and of better quality, which also contributes to boosting the production efficiency of the factory. Such machines are operated by minimizing human error, simplifying the work, and suiting the business demand for vaping products, which is increasing widely.

What is more, the manufacturers that use these machines are also showing a dedication to being environmentally and economically friendly. By minimizing resource consumption and reusability, companies can cut their environmental burdens and save money on manufacturing costs in the long run.

Top Cartridge Filling Machines

Every cartridge-filling machine has its own box of surprises to present to the users in order to solve their unique industry needs. The machine has not only developed into technical designs with capabilities to boost efficiency and reliability but also has operational features that are beautifully crafted for vaping. Now, let’s look at the machines and their specs that are endearing to customers.

1. RoboCAP RL-300 Volumetric Filling Machine

To start with, our stellar ATG Pharma’s RL-300 Volumetric Filling, originating from the ever-elegant Canada, is engineered for accuracy and flashy speed.

Output Range: The machine has a production capacity of 1200 – 2000 units an hour, and it is designed to be used for low-volume filling purposes (up to 5ml). Small and medium producers could use it without any difficulties.

Features: It has a unique filling system that is precise and uses back pressure, heat, and volumetric displacement to fill containers with between +/- 2% perfect accuracy, allowing a consistent quality for all manufactured products.

Adaptability: Provided with facility features, this machine can have the nozzles incorporated into a system, including heating and mixing. It could also be fitted with 4 nozzles without heating if the production demands require this.

The purpose of this machine is special for low-volume product filling that is positioned as one of the perfect tools for small businesses with medium production scales. The machine has a volumetric dosage, which guarantees the same dosage for the products, and the product is not wasted a lot, which is a great factor in quality and cost.

2. HotShot™ Pro 2G Cartridge Oil Filling Machine

HotShot™ Pro 2G is a cartridge-filling technology developed and marketed by CoolJarz from the United States. The HotShot™ Pro 2G is characterized by the new infiltration of emerging technologies to accomplish better-filling operations.

Output Range: Proud of its high-end efficiency, the HotShot™ Pro 2G utility quality prominently contributes to the smoother filling process, thus improving the production speed.

Features: This equipment incorporates a brand new 2-grams-per-click plug-and-play motor and a revised user interface, among other things. Besides, it has an updated heating element and a 1000 ml capacity tank, all of which have been designed to optimize the filling process.

Adaptability: This technology offers the added advantage of handling different oil thicknesses, and thus, the HotShot™ Pro 2G is versatile in that it addresses a wide range of products and types of cartridges.

The new machine equips itself with newly distinctive characteristics that enlarge the different dimensions of its performance. Some of the machine’s upgraded features are a refined heating mechanism, which can be used to perform different kinds of operations that deal with viscous oils, and a user interface, which can be used to simplify the process of filling. This machine can fill 16,000 cartridges or pods in an 8-hour day.

3. Longwill FM15 Automatic Oil Filling Machine

Longwill Machinery, a dominating industry player in the filling machine field, based in China has released a new oil-filling machine model. The FM15 oil-filling machine is not only automatic but also an economical way to fill modest/large oil containers. While the design of the product is flexible, and this helps the product meets the needs of different bodies of industries.

Output Range: With an option for producing 2000-3000 sticks/hour, the FM15 is most practically used for high performance and has an automatic mechanism that will optimize the filling process in a more convenient way.

Features: This electronic cigarette filling machine is designed to work with a variety of oil viscosities, making it able to be applied in different markets, including e-cigarettes and edibles.

Adaptability: Its automatic implementation is available to many advanced operation features that enable producers to make quick adjustments and modifications to match specific production needs.

4. Vape-Jet Fully-Automatic Machine

Vape-Jet, based in the United States, is widely recognized as a pioneer in fully-automatic vaping technology, debuting their high-end fully-automatic machine as their protocol. This machine has a modular design that allows it to be plugged into any existing production lines with no difficulty.

Output Range: The fully automatic Vape-Jet Vaporizer is built for high-volume productivity with a fast-paced and intuitive filling process.

Features: It consists of complex attributes, like machine vision for accurate filling, an adjusted software interface, and completes automation, which decreases the number of physical jobs.

Adaptability: Vape-Jet will enable you to save and load various configuration options, which would make it super cool to switch between different types of products, just like in a supermarket.

5. CF-K4 Electronically Assisted Cart Farmer

The Cart Farm, a US-based innovator, went with this solution of the union of manual systems and automation advantages when developing the CF-K4 technology. This semi-automatic mechanical device is designed to complete the task of cartridge filling; hence, it is the most suitable option for all skill-level operators.

Output Range: The CF-K4 automatically performs filling with precision for manual control adapted to a medium-scale production line.

Features: It is equipped with a semi-automated filling system that removes the cartridge filling complexity, has relatively simple parts to maintain, and is user-friendly.

Adaptability: This machine’s design is such that it might be quickly adjusted to different cartridge sizes and types, hence making it a variable solution for businesses with diverse product lines.

It does not require software to run and is thus efficient to maintain and free from complications. A design with basic electronics that use analog components and all stainless surfaces has been used, which guarantees long-term durability. Its stainless steel fluid way and the overbuilt drive pieces make a great life length, and it keeps the speed and minimalism style when Cart Farmers are manual. This device is made for ease of use. The system is able to fill a selection of atomizers, dab darts, vials, and capsules with its German-made HSW Unimatic adjustable syringe dispenser.

6. YC-200 Semi-Automatic Oil Filling Machine

YC-200 is Longwill’s solution to the gap between manual and automatic setup. This semi-automatic machine brings together both flexibility and convenience so that the operator can closely watch the filling process while automatizing the filling process. It is very suitable for businesses that are sticking to both manual and automatic operation of some parts of machinery.

Output Range: The YC-200 output is 800-1500 sticks/hour and is apt for operations such as minimum to moderate scale, and offers a balance between manual and automatic control.

Features: Such a tool enables a great deal of flexibility when it comes to regulating filling and offers an opportunity to change the parameters of viscosity and cartridge size, as well.

Adaptability: It can adjust the Oil reservoir and pump temp. The semi-automatic nature of the engine is great as it allows the operators to adjust production in no time to fit the various demands, making it very flexible for various applications.

You can go ahead by clicking Longwill Machinery’s YC-200 Semi-Automatic Oil Filling Machine page to know further explore.

7. Jet Fueler Semi-Automatic Machine

Output Range: The semi-automatic jet fueler from Vape-Jet has the capability to fill 5000 to 9000 vape cartridges per shift and is a superb choice of cartridge filling options.

Features: It’s developed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a problem-free and easy operation involving no common issues like clogging. The system is equipped with a highly-technological nitrogen-driven pharmaceutical-grade pump, a cutting-edge temperature controller, and a user-friendly touch-dialogue interface.

Adaptability: The users have described it as user-friendly, in regards to having the capability to change from oil to oil, and it is dependable on production because one user has commented on the machine, which fills around 50,000 cartridges with various oils.

8. MonoPress Cartridge Filling & Capping Machine

ATG Pharmacy’s MonoPress reflects the innovation of ATG Pharmacy in technical progress.

Output Range: The MonoPress is useful for medium to high production quantities while creating a smooth, one-step operation of the filling and capping process.

Features: It provides both cartridge filling and the button closure that provides each cartridge an absolute seal, making sure that each cartridge is totally safe.

Adaptability: The point system benefits from a modular structure, which enables users to easily switch between different sizes of cartridges and swags, providing solutions for different production requirements.

The device not only hydraulically fills the cartridges with remarkable precision, but it also caps them, and the process of production is facilitated. The small footprint structure makes it a perfect investment to use for any production area, which can be either large or small.

9. Longwill Hulk 2.0 Auto Cart Capping Machine

The new Hulk 2.0 Auto Cart Capping Machine is meant for post-filling functions, which finish the operation by firmly sealing each cartridge in order to maintain the integrity of the contents. Such a device’s efficiency between the different stages of production, from filling to packaging, can eliminate potential bottlenecks, giving us an easier time flow the work.

Output Range: Fully automated capping, the Hulk 2.0 achieves high machinery efficiency in large capping rates, which helps run the post-filling phase more rapidly.

Features: The machine has an automatic capping system to apply constant force and release with the right pressure to ensure that the lid on each and every cartridge is sturdy.

Adaptability: Its position adjustment allows it to be suitable for varying dimensions and bottle caps.

10. Longwill K1 Cone Filling Sealing Machine

To enhance the level of automation of the cone filling, Longwill Machinery presents a K1 Cone filling and sealing machine. The new design, the cone-filling/sealing process, is so innovative that each cart is precise and similar among batches.

Output Range: The K1 is the one that can be optimized to pack and seal the cones accurately, a perfect fit for businesses with a wide cannabis product portfolio aiming to automate the cone production procedure.

Features: This machine effectively dispenses products into cones and seals them correctly, delivering products of consistently good quality and uniform presentation.

Adaptability: It can be adjusted to fill various cone sizes and types, thus fitting various kinds of product specifications.

This machine makes it an ideal choice in industries where precision and efficiency are a priority, for instance, in the cannabis industry.

Review of All Machines

Among these top 10 ink cartridge filling machines, from the highly-praised RoboCAP RL-300 to the flexible YC-200 semi-automated oil filling machine, they each have their own distinctive features. The choice for businesses in the vaping industry may be challenging. Whether from the attractive speed of the Longwill FM15 automatic oil filling machine or the newest technology of the Vape-Jet, the different solutions for fulfilling this business segment are abundant. These machines not only meet the specific needs of the sector but also allow businesses to operate efficiently, not the scale for production, to meet the standards for consumers.


Ink Cartridge filling machines are not just tools; rather, they are the oxygen that helps grow the vaping industry. Every machine with this distinctive characteristic can conjure up endless production possibilities for various businesses, finding the ideal match for their needs. Whether it is the top efficiency of a cartridge capping machine, the accuracy of a cone filler and sealer machine, or the versatility of an e-liquid filler, they are designed for the future of the vaping industry.