YC-200 THC oil Filling Machine

  • Amount of oiling: 0.2-7ml
  • Oil Basin: 800ml
  • Oil filling accuracy: ±1%
  • Temperature: 0-120 celsius
  • Heating adjustment: Oil reservoir and pump temp adjust
  • Output: 800-1500 sticks / hour
  • Power supply: AC220V/110V
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YC-200 THC oil Filling Machine


YC-200 semi-automatic thc oil filling machine is an equipment designed to partially automate the process of filling vape cartridges or tanks with e-liquid or vape juice. The term “semi-automatic” indicates that some aspects of the filling process are automated, while others may still require manual intervention.

These machines are commonly used in the manufacturing and production of electronic cigarettes or vaping products. The semi-automatic nature of the machine means that certain steps, such as the actual filling of the liquid, may be automated, but other tasks, such as loading and unloading cartridges, may still need human intervention.

The specific features and operation of semi-automatic vape filling machines can vary, but they typically involve placing the vape cartridges in a designated location, and the machine will then perform tasks like measuring and dispensing the e-liquid into the cartridges. After the filling process, a human operator might be responsible for tasks such as sealing the cartridges or moving them to the next stage of production.

These machines are used to improve efficiency and consistency in the manufacturing process, reducing the reliance on manual labor for repetitive tasks and minimizing the risk of errors. They are part of the broader automation trend in manufacturing, where machines are employed to handle specific tasks while human workers focus on more complex or nuanced aspects of production.

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The design of the oil filling path is a critical aspect of vape filling machine engineering, and it plays a crucial role in achieving consistent and high-quality filled products. The filling path should be designed to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance to prevent cross-contamination between different batches of e-liquid.

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Filling control in YC-200 thc oil filling machine refers to the mechanisms and systems in place to regulate and manage the process of dispensing e-liquid or vape oil into cartridges or tanks. Proper filling control is essential to ensure accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in the production of vaping products.

YC-200 thc oil filling machine support filling tray control, there is a button to control dispense. Also it supports foot pedal control to save more energy.

The viscosity of the cannabis oil (or e-liquid) being dispensed in YC-200 vape filling machine can significantly affect the choice of needles or nozzles used in the filling process. The viscosity of a liquid refers to its thickness or resistance to flow, and liquids with different viscosities may require different needle specifications to ensure accurate and efficient filling. We will prepare different needles for your needs.

The YC-200 excels in THC oil filling, offering precise and adaptable performance. Ensure your production meets high standards. Inquire now for tailored solutions and elevate your THC oil manufacturing with our cutting-edge semi-auto vape filling machine.

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