Top 10 Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Filling Machine Suppliers in the United States

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Meta Description: Discover the top 10 electronic cigarette cartridge filling machine suppliers in the United States, offering innovative solutions for the cannabis industry. From precision filling to safety features, explore how these suppliers are driving efficiency and quality in cartridge production.


In the growing e-cigarette and cannabin sector, the need for fast, reliable, and high-quality cartridge-filling machines is higher than ever. From one side of the country to the other, companies are not just looking for any piece of equipment. Rather, they seek products that fulfill their needs and prove their quality and safety. This article focuses on the top ten e-cigarette cartridge filling machine manufacturers in the US that stand out due to innovative technology, affordability, and meeting the unique market’s requirements.

1. Greenlab packaging (VERSA5 Automated Cartridge Filler)

GreenLab occurs to be the outstanding competitor demonstrating VERSA5 Automated Cartridge Filler capabilities, which bring to the regulated industry production at the top level while being worthy of the consumer’s confidence. With the VERSA5 system, auto-filling of both cartridges and pens with accuracy and zero spills being vital, it’s especially suitable for terpene-rich and distillate products. With the heat-targeting technology, each drop is evenly heated and of high quality. The VERSA5 digital touchscreen includes various temperature settings to meet the needs of any business in saving up on their filling processes. It is the most preferred system by many businesses while accommodating a wide range of CBD/THC oils and custom distillates.

2. Credence Filling Systems

With more than 25 years of engineering mastery, Credence Filling Systems, among the best family-owned businesses from Tempe, Arizona, offers an extensive range of filling machines. Their packaged lines, types like CMS-3000 and Auto Filling Machine ACFS-4000T, provide high throughput with unparalleled attendant accuracy. These automated systems are appreciated for bringing in precision and flexibility objectives, and therefore, they form an ideally suited instrument for companies wanting to obtain customization in terms of various cartridge positions.

3. Syntegon

Syntegon offers the widest possible range of cartridge-filling solutions, with the key strength being the pharmaceutical sector. These technologies are equipped with adjustability to a wide range of operational conditions, continuous process monitoring, and a safety system that is designed for dealing with such toxic materials. The entire focus on aseptic filling is a highlighted point, showing Syntegon’s dedication to products and worker safety, making their technology unrivaled in terms of protection in high-stakes environments.

4. CNC Packaging Inc

Based in Tennessee, CNC Packaging Inc. stands out for its unwavering reliability and efficiency in CBD oil cartridge filling machines. Their semi-automatic and fully automatic models excel in handling high-viscosity oils, reflecting a commitment to innovative design and cutting-edge functionality tailored to the dynamic vaping industry.

5. Thompson Duke Industrial

The industrial machine manufacturing company Thompson Duke, based in Portland, Oregon, gets its fame from its American-made, patented, cETLus/CE certified, and GMP-ready cap, filling, and infusing machines. The brand’s products are trusted worldwide, and it has a full range of products that are compatible with any vape devices that use oil. Thompson Duke expects to be the right solution for all kinds of needs, including automatic and foot-pedal-operated machinery. These machines, which are for quick installation of press-on or screw-on mouthpieces, along with their semi-automatic capping services, add value to their offers.

6. LongWill Technology Ltd.

With its cartridge filling and capping machines that are the best in the world, Longwill Technology, a Chinese-based technology company, has a unique position in the United States market. Since 2014, the company, with technical competence in this field, has been engaged in the cannabis products market, developing complex solutions for e-liquids, vaping, and others of this kind. Their constant innovation makes them a pioneer company in the industry. Their FM15 5 Nozzles automatic cartridge filling machine is one of the best-selling machines throughout the world.

7. VapeJet

VapeJet is known for its high-precision, accurate, and reliable machines that are used for oil dispensing in cartridges. They have been a technology key enabler for the cannabis industry; therefore, their technology is a boon to the industry and is one of the critical aspects that most businesses look up to. The precision and stability profile of VapeJet’s vape cartridge filling machine allows you to make them an integral part of your companies that want to maximize their filling line processes.

8. CoolJarz

Located in Southern California, CoolJarz is a company offering the most advanced and accurate oil and concentrates filling equipment. Recognized for their A-10 HotShot and its successor, the HotShot™ Pro, which place emphasis on accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use, they offer a solution to the needs of today’s farmers. The new HotShot™ Pro offers improvements like a 2.0 grams-per-click motor and a re-designed UI, making it relevant and suitable for businesses of all sizes trying to boost their filling processes.

9. ATG Pharma

ATG Pharm ticks lots of boxes with its bench-top line of such equipment for filling and packaging automation. The RoboCAP series, which can be installed to handle cartridges, vape pens, creams, and many other products, showcases product range, speed, and scalability. Designed with efficiency-improving filling speed and reduced operator costs, ATG Pharma’s equipment meets the requirements of growing businesses at all levels.

10. Convectium

Convectium is committed to ensuring that vape packaging and post-processing operations are carried out as productively as possible by introducing new affordable automation technology. This particular brand model, the 710Shark v8.0 vape cartridge filling machine and the 710Captain H100 capping machine, are built based on scalability strategies and cleaning effectiveness. Convectium intends to improve revenues for its clients gradually by lowering production costs. It also does this by avoiding product loss that comes from manual processes as well as the challenge of working with staff. The company has developed a unique technology that is very responsive to the needs of the rapidly growing cannabis business community. Its solutions are efficient and scalable, and it produces outstanding product lines without sacrificing quality.

The electronic cigarette and cannabis sector performs in a very dynamic manner, which is determined by the rapid development of the regulations, an increasing market demand, and technological progress. The companies mentioned are the best in the market as they have demonstrated their mastering each discipline. Companies such as GreenLab Packaging, which is perfection in the management of terpene-rich blends, Credence Filling Systems, whose engineering skills have a foothold in this sector, and VapeJet, with their prowess for speed and stability, have set the benchmarks for cartridge filling machines.

Innovation and Customization

One of the recurring themes of the top brands is that they are all about innovation and building up specialization. The capability to accommodate viscosities of a variety of container types and product specifications is essential. Moreover, Duke Industrial’s brittle machine features versatile cartridge types designed in order to gain market share due to the flexibility of the production line. At the same time, ATG Pharma’s RoboCAP assembly line, with its scalability and adaptability, can handle not just vape cartridges but also edibles, effectively solving the needs of a multiple-product industry looking for various solutions.

Safety and Efficiency

Safety and efficiency are just among the major factors of critical concern, especially in businesses that are in the consumption products field. Syntegon supplies sterile filling technologies and overall safety performance, fulfilling the pharmaceutical industry’s high standards, while Longwill provides dependable temperature control and adaptable oil injection dosage delivery, meeting the accuracy and safety of the product. These traits provide proof of the suppliers’ willingness to provide quality and safety that conform to regulations in the industry as well as consumer expectations.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Cartridge Filling

The rapid progress and development of the e-cigarette and cannabis industries clearly demonstrate that the demand for accurate, continuous, and top-notch filling solutions is expected to expand correspondingly. These firms epitomize the driving force of the market as they are constantly innovating and adapting to the relevance of today’s modern world. Automation has played a remarkable role in the progress of the business by providing precision filling and safety features that ensure consistent and safe production, which in turn would help them meet production demands without compromising on quality and safety.


In a nutshell, these top electronic cigarette cartridge filling machine suppliers are helping to shape the progression of the entire industry in America, providing both technological innovation and operational efficiency. The quality of their products reflects a thorough market understanding and an emphasized focus on excellence that any business should keep in mind when trying to break through in the competitive e-Cig world. Conclusively, the suppliers will always be critical for the success of the industry in the future, keeping production goals achieved and standards of quality and safety high.

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