Top 10 e-cigarette filling machine manufacturers in the United States

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With the e-cigarette era now coming into full swing, the demand for filling machines that are both suitable and technologically advanced is at an all-time high. The United States is into vaping and stands at the frontier with some of the few most advanced manufacturers present. Not only do these companies increase the growth trajectory of the industry by strengthening their capacity of production, but they also set new standards in quality parameters and precision. Herein, this article will delve into some of the top e-cigarette filling machine manufacturers out of the US. We will also shed light on the unearthed information on their origin, technological prowess, and special machine features. Before we delve deep into manufacturers, let’s first understand what E-cigarette filling machines are and their Importance.

Understanding Cartridge Filling Machines

An Electronic cigarette filling machine is a special device used to fill an e-cigarette with e-liquid or oil automatically. The machine also served to make the entire filling operation with e-cigarettes exact and efficient on a large scale. This filling machine is just designed to house the whole spectrum of e-liquid viscosities, from thin to thick, plus different cartridge styles to achieve accurate fills while at the same time ensuring that the fill level is always uniform through every fill, such that no leaks or spills arise, ruining all products in case that happens to be inconsistent.

A good e-cigarette liquid filling machine is important not only for efficiency but also, importantly, to maintain the integrity and reliability of the products. In doing so, the precautions and possible contaminants that would be inevitable in a manual filling process are drastically reduced. These machines allow increased production speed in ever-growing e-cigarette demands. The e-cigarette filling machines are the main workhorses, besides driving innovation and quality drive in the industry. Now, let’s dive into Cartridge & Pod Filling Machines manufacturers.

Leading Manufacturers

1. XylemTech: Pioneering Precision

XylemTech is the flag-bearer of innovation in the field of cartridge filling equipment. It has its roots in the USA. Its X4, nowhere else in its lineup, defines class and epitomizes efficiency. In all respects, a unique machine in the lineup, the X4 is. The adaptability to various cartridges, such as plastic, glass, or ceramic, with confidence highlights XylemTech’s commitment to versatility and quality. In fact, it grew from the grassroots to become the global leader in production, innovation in spirit, and customer orientation.

2. Thompson Duke Industrial

Craftsmanship is from the USA. Portland, Oregon, is the home of Thompson Duke Industrial. Firmly rooted at the heart of such a progressive city, this firm speaks from the soul of American craftsmanship. After all, “patented filling and capping machines” advertise GMP readiness and cETLus/C.E. certification. The quality, as revealed by the machines manufactured by Thompson Duke that fill various oil vaporizer devices, has made the machines a staple in factories all around the nation. The Thompson Duke story is one of resilience, quality, and determination within the vape cartridge filling machine industry.

3. Vape-Jet: Built to Last

Vape-Jet specializes in one core area of high quality to create products with durability, ease of use, and technological innovation. Vape-Jet made its reputation speaks more than it could possibly convey. Their machines are known for hardy builds and simple interfaces, besides which a horde of enhancements such as camera systems and nitrogen infusions adorns each. Vape-Jet’s philosophy is that of surpassing customers’ expectations. This vision is what has placed Vape-Jet in the highest ranks of e-cigarette cartridge filling machine markets.

4. CNC Packaging Inc: Reliability from Tennessee

From the heart of Tennessee, CNC Packaging Inc. has become a shining appeal of this market for nothing short of reliability and efficiency in an oil cartridge filling machine. Little do their semi-automatic and fully automatic cartridge filling machines need to remember that they have celebrated dexterity in handling high-viscosity oils. Along with their quality and service origins, that’s enough to confirm CNC Packaging really embodies the commitment to innovative designs and state-of-the-art functionalities that better meet the requirements of this dynamic vaping industry. Both factors of explicit origin stories underscore how the institution became a manufacturer of trust on the market.

5. Convectium: Speed and Cleanliness in Cartridge Filling

Convectium is a true tale of innovation and efficiency for the e-cigarette filling machine industry. Started, and exactly how it got birthed into creation is not quite known in the public light, but what Convectium went on to become has now left quite the impact. The 710Shark is Convectium’s line of automatized filling machine services. Convectium machines are designed to be clean and efficient, specializing in providing a high-speed modern smokeless electronic cigarette that sets new yet higher standards per filling technology.

6. Credence Filling Systems: Precision Meets Flexibility

The name ‘Credence Filling Systems’ has already become a paragon of innovation in the e-cigarette filling machine industry. The firm has gained acclaim for highly accurate filling systems and the speed and ease of changeover times. Credence is also known worldwide for its well-engineered, high-speed, versatile machines filling all types of cartridges, pods, syringes, and many other products. With adaptability and unwavering accuracy, Credence Filling Systems has been entrenched as the cartridge filing Machine manufacturer. Satisfaction in the filling system of choice by a manufacturer of products can only be comfortable with enough evidence of efficiency and reliability.

7. GreenLab Packaging: High-Volume Production with Precision

GreenLab Packaging has made significant strides in the e-cigarette filling machine sector with its VERSA5 Automated Cartridge Filler. Designed as a machine for quality-conscious large-scale operations, no other cartridge filler can tout that they are totally autonomous. The nuances of e-cigarettes are this model in terpene-rich and distillate recipes. Its ergonomic and well-thought-out package is combined with an easy-to-use, integrated touchscreen interface, which is translated for GreenLab Packaging’s vision and approach to being advanced and productive.

8. CoolJarz: Streamlining Efficiency with Innovation

CoolJarz has been designed for efficiency even when the vaping industry seems to be the giant face. CoolJarz has extended its arms deeply into the roots to make the process efficient and bring forth this modern and innovative filler machine: the HotShot™ Pro cartridge filler. It has been considered upgrades to make the HotShot™ Pro the best in class, including a plug-and-play motor that outputs 2 grams per click, a re-engineered user interface with a convenient cartridge holder and buffer liquid dispenser, a high-quality and powerful heating element, and a 1000 ml reusable capacity tank. These upgrades point to CoolJarz’s commitment to streamlining the process of filling cartridges not only for efficiency but also for friendly maintenance. In every detail, HotShot™ Pro highlights the company’s care in order to ensure practical solutions are easily understood and used.

9. ATG Pharma: Bench-Top Solutions for Diverse Needs

In this line of operation, ATG Pharma has filled a void between the low ends of the market and expensive but under-utilized, well-built bench-top filling and packaging automation equipment. Versatility, precision, and speed are a few words which might possibly befit a 2,000-an-hour vape cartridge filler. As a product from the example of the RoboCAP systems, the latter is ideal for a wide range of items, is it pharmaceutical, cosmetic, or nutraceuticals, showing just the kind of innovation and adaptability dedication that defines ATG Pharma in the e-cigarette market.

10. Shenzhen Longwill Technology Co., Ltd

 Long will is a reliable company focus on providing high-quality manufacturing cartridge filling capping machines since 2014. With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in producing top-quality cartridge filling machines, cart capping machines, cone filling sealing machine, and accessories.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and service that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our Chief Engineer  has over 20 years of experience in the machinery industry. We are committed to providing innovative and efficient filling and capping solutions to clients worldwide.

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Innovation in E-Cigarette Filling Technology

This means that with a growing e-cigarette market, there is a correspondingly clear growing demand for much more innovative, efficient, and easier solutions for filling. The future for e-cigarettes is expected to include A.I. integration for quality control, more automation to limit labor costs, and biodegradable materials to lessen the environmental impact and increase sustainability. The innovation frontier is being squared by manufacturers like Credence Filling Systems, GreenLab Packaging, CoolJarz, ATG Pharma, and Longwill machinery, all of whom seem set on driving new capacities and novelties further across new technological frontiers of what the technology of filling e-cigarettes has been capable of.


Key players in the e-cigarette filling machine industry in the USA are Credence Filling Systems, GreelLab Packaging, CoolJarz, ATG Pharma, and Longwill Machinery. Such leaders in the field help in bringing innovations that bring about constantly progressive, efficient, and customer-satisfaction-focused filling solutions. As the e-cigarette market further evolves, the role of these manufacturers will continue shaping the future of vaping technology.

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