FC-01 Automatic Cartridge Filling Capping Machine

  •  Amount of oiling: 0.2-2ml/5ml
  • Oil tank: 500ml/1000ml * 2pcs oil tank
  • Oil filling accuracy: ±1%
  • Productivity of filling and capping:: 800-1500 sticks / hour
  • Power supply: AC100V-120V; AC200V-240V
  • Machine Dimensions W*D*H(mm) weight: 800*800*1400mm/305KG
  • Export package size (mm) weight: Wooden box packaging L*W*H=920*1300*1600mm/350KG
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FC-01 Automatic Cartridge Filling Capping Machine


Longwill FC-01 Intelligent Automatic Cartridge Filling Capping Machine

FC-01 Intelligent Automatic Cartridge Filling Capping Machine

Amount of oiling
Oil filling accuracy
800-1500 sticks / hour
Drive mode
Stepper motor + rail drive
Panel control
Touch screen, operation button, emergency stop
Interface control
Position adjustment, fuel injection adjustment, speed adjustment, program selection
Program capacity
Specifically based on PLC storage capacity
Power supply
AC 110~240V
Dimensions W*D*H(mm) weight
130*80*140cm, about 350kg
Key Feature:

1, Widely used in cartridge industry, super popular with oil mufacturers and brand manufacturers:

This machine is used for different kinds of cartridge filling and capping or twisting;

FC-01 Automatic Cartridge Filling Capping Machine

2, Compatiable with your products:

Machine program is customized basing on your products, so samples are needed to test machine;


FC-01 Automatic Cartridge Filling Capping Machine

3, Efficiency:

Machine can fill and cap 800-1500pcs pen per hour, very efficiency; it equals 2-4 workers’ productivity;

FC-01 Automatic Cartridge Filling Capping Machine

4, FDA passed:

Machine has passed FDA testing, material is food grade very safe;

5, Smart Filling System:

Machine is programmed basing on PLC, you could also program it, all by the touch screen, we call it smart filling system as it’s user-friendly, operators can read it very easily and handle machine well;

FC-01 Automatic Cartridge Filling Capping Machine


6, Instructions:

There is operation video instruction for your reference, or just call our sales rep for support, we will arrange video call or video call for online support;

7, Quality Assurance:

Machine has 12-month-warranty and life time technical support!

You may ask…

Does My Business Need An Oil Filling Machine?

Whether or not your business needs a oil cart filling machine depends on your company’s current situation and future goals.

Are you currently manufacturing cartridges by hand, or do you have an old manual distillate cartridge filler? If so, it may be time to invest in an automatic oil filling machine to ramp up your production. If you’ve been dragging your feet on buying one, this is a sign that you should take the leap and invest in a cartridge machine.

When you bring a pen cartridge filling machine into your operation, production multiplies by the thousands every single day. If one of your goals has been to increase your cart production, whether because of demand or to break further into the market, a cartridge filling machine can help you achieve that.

The more you produce, the more available on dispensary shelves, the more your brand name circulates in the community.

Investing in a quality oil cart filling machine is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a cartridge manufacturer.

As the modern community clamors for efficient, convenient, and increasingly potent products, us folks in the industry have to shape up or ship out. Automatic or semi automatic cart filling machine make it easy to stay ahead of the game and become more productive than ever.

What Kind of Cart Filling Machine Should I Consider?

If you’re running a smaller-scale operation with a tight-knit, hardworking team, a semi automatic oil cartridge filling machine may be all you need. Longwill FM10 Smart Cart filling machine distillate cartridge filler loads up to 8,000 cartridges in a day (depending on the viscosity of your concentrates/the pace you work at) – compared with filling by hand, that’s an unbelievable daily increase.

If you’re running a larger-scale operation, producing multiple products including multiple concentrates/cartridges, an automatic cart filling machine like FM07 Auto Robo Cart Filling Machine is pretty much a necessity. Even with dozens of hardworking employees on a cartridge filler line, there’s just no comparison to output – it fills 1,200 cartridges per hour.

If you’re running a large quantity operation, producing more than ten thousands carts in one day, the FC-01 Intelligent Filling Capping Machine and Longwill TM-03 Mouthpiece Twist Cartridge Capping machine  will be a best partner. It can fill carts and capping or twisting carts all in one machine, only one worker can hold 12,000 carts filling and capping in one day!

Learn more at LONGWILL Machinery Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOslAMaxSn5ryFVUsBGVu4Q

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