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Are you also a cannabis dispensary brand retailer?

How do you fill at present?

Fill by hand manually?

You know that filling by hand is Labor Intensive, as it’s time-consuming and physically demanding; and inconsistent dosages, Human error can lead to variations in the amount of cannabis oil dispensed;
You will also have Quality Control Challenges: Maintaining consistent product quality can be challenging due to the potential for human error, leading to variations in viscosity and fill levels.
BTW, manual filling leads to Limited Scalability: As demand increases, manual filling becomes increasingly impractical, requiring additional labor resources and potentially compromising efficiency,Then you will also need consider Downtime and Training: Training new employees for manual filling and addressing issues like cleaning and maintenance can lead to downtime and training costs

What will happen if you use a semi-auto or automated cartridge filling machine?

Firstly, Automated filling machines offer precise and consistent dosing, ensuring every cartridge receives the exact intended amount of cannabis oil, improving product uniformity.

Secondly, The automation significantly reduces labor requirements, allowing for higher production output and more streamlined operations.

Thirdly, Enhanced quality control measures can be integrated into the process, minimizing variations in viscosity and fill levels.

Last, semi-auto or automated machines often are very User-Friendly, with feature intuitive interfaces that require minimal training, very easy to operate;

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