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In the rapidly evolving world of cannabis production, the pursuit of efficiency and precision in cartridge filling has become paramount for manufacturers aiming to stay ahead. The FM-07 Cartridge Filling Machine represents a leap forward in automating this essential process, combining speed, accuracy, and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Whether you’re handling CBD oil, vape liquids, or other formulations, this automatic cartridge filling machine is designed to streamline operations and boost output without compromising quality.

Renowned among cartridge filling machine users, the FM-07 is not just another piece of equipment; it’s a transformative tool for businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities. It stands out as the best cart filling machine for those who need reliable performance in high-demand environments. With the ability to adapt to various viscosities and cartridge specifications, the FM-07 is the ideal oil cartridge filling machine for producers looking to optimize their workflows and reduce downtime.

Let’s delve deeper into how this vape cartridge filling machine can revolutionize your production line, ensuring that your products always meet the high standards your customers expect.

Understanding the FM-07 Cartridge Filling Machine

The FM-07 stands as a cornerstone in the landscape of automatic cartridge filling machines, designed to cater specifically to the burgeoning demand for CBD oil and other viscous liquids in the vape industry. At its core, the FM-07 is not just a tool, but a comprehensive solution crafted to enhance operational efficiency and adaptability across various liquid formulations.

Core Design and Compatibility:

The machine is adept at handling a broad spectrum of cartridge types, from standard 1ml pens to more substantial 2ml and 5ml cartridges. Its versatility is further showcased in its ability to fill not only CBD oil cartridges but also tiny bottles for essential oils, making it a multi-purpose asset in any production line. The compatibility with diverse container sizes and types positions the FM-07 as a standout choice among cartridge filling machine manufacturers.

Key Features:

Customizable Trays: The FM-07 is equipped with customized tray configurations, which can be tailored to fit specific cartridge dimensions and shapes. This feature ensures that each cartridge sits securely during the filling process, minimizing risks of spills or inaccuracies.

Advanced Control System: At the heart of the FM-07 is its advanced PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system. This sophisticated control mechanism allows operators to fine-tune filling parameters with precision, ensuring each cartridge is filled to exact specifications without variance. The touch screen panel offers an intuitive interface for setting up operations, from adjusting fill volumes to programming the machine for different cartridge setups.

By integrating these advanced features, the FM-07 goes beyond the basics of a typical vape cartridge filling machine, offering a level of customization and control that enhances productivity and ensures consistency in product quality. This blend of versatility and precision engineering makes the FM-07 an indispensable tool for manufacturers aiming to scale up their operations efficiently.

Technical Specifications and Operation

The FM-07 is not only acclaimed for its adaptability and user-friendly design but also for its remarkable operational prowess. This section delves into the technical specifications that empower it to deliver superior performance, particularly highlighting its operational technology, key features, and the exactitude of its oil filling capabilities.

Operational Technology:

Stepper Motor and Rail Drive: The FM-07 employs a sophisticated stepper motor coupled with a rail drive system. This combination ensures smooth and precise movement along the X, Y, and Z axes, crucial for exact positioning during the filling process. The machine’s ability to operate at a maximum speed of 300mm/s on the X/Y axis and 200mm/s on the Z axis underlines its efficiency.

High Precision Filling: Precision is paramount in filling cartridges, and the FM-07 excels with an oil filling accuracy of ±1%. This high level of precision ensures minimal product waste and consistent product quality, essential for maintaining consumer trust and satisfaction.

Adjustable Volume Settings: The machine allows for flexible filling operations, accommodating volumes from 0.2ml to 10ml. This range is suitable for various market needs, from small sample cartridges to larger dispensary supplies.

Key Features for Enhanced Operation:

Touch Screen Controls: The inclusion of a touch screen interface simplifies the setup and operation processes. Operators can easily adjust filling parameters such as volume, speed, and intervals directly from the screen, making the system accessible even to those with minimal technical expertise.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC): The FM-07’s brain is its PLC, which offers expansive program capacity based on its storage capabilities. This feature allows for the customization of filling sequences, enhancing the machine’s flexibility to meet specific production demands.

Heating Control System: To accommodate the viscosity variations in CBD oil and other thick liquids, the FM-07 features an adjustable temperature control system. Temperatures can be finely tuned from 0 to 120 degrees Celsius, ensuring that even the thickest oils flow smoothly through the filling mechanism.

These technical advancements make the FM-07 not just a regular automatic cartridge filling machine but a critical asset for businesses seeking to optimize their production with precision and efficiency. By integrating these high-performance features, the FM-07 sets a new standard in the realm of cartridge filling technologies, paving the way for manufacturers to enhance throughput and maintain high-quality standards in every batch produced.

Benefits of Using the FM-07 in Cannabis Oil Production

The FM-07 Auto Robo Cart Filler not only streamlines operations but also introduces a range of benefits that can significantly enhance production capabilities in the cannabis oil industry. Its sophisticated design and robust functionality bring crucial advantages to the table, from increasing productivity to ensuring product consistency.

Increased Productivity:

High-Speed Filling: With the capacity to fill between 800 and 1200 cartridges per hour, the FM-07 dramatically increases production rates compared to manual filling processes. This high throughput allows businesses to meet growing market demands efficiently, without sacrificing time or resources.

Automation: The automated features of the FM-07 reduce the need for continuous manual oversight, allowing operators to focus on other critical aspects of production. Automation not only speeds up the manufacturing process but also reduces labor costs and the potential for human error.

Precision and Quality Control:

Consistent Dosing: The precise control mechanisms of the FM-07 ensure each cartridge is filled with the exact amount of oil, reducing variability and enhancing the consistency of the final product. This is crucial for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction, particularly in markets where dosage accuracy is legally regulated.

Reduced Waste: The accuracy of the FM-07 minimizes spillage and overfilling, leading to significant reductions in material waste. This efficiency not only saves costs on raw materials but also supports more sustainable production practices.

Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability:

Adjustable Settings: With the ability to modify temperature settings and fill volumes, the FM-07 can easily adapt to various product types and viscosity changes. This flexibility is essential for companies that produce a wide range of cannabis oil products.

Scalable Operations: As businesses grow, the FM-07 can continue to meet increasing production demands without the need for significant additional investments. Its robust design and ease of use make it a viable option for both small startups and large-scale enterprises.

By incorporating the FM-07 into their production lines, cannabis oil manufacturers can achieve a higher degree of operational efficiency, quality control, and product reliability. These benefits collectively contribute to a stronger market position and the potential for increased profitability, making the FM-07 a wise choice for those looking to advance their manufacturing capabilities in the competitive cannabis industry.

Comparative Analysis of the FM-07 With Other Models

When choosing a cartridge filling machine, it’s vital to understand how different models stack up against each other. The FM-07 CBD oil filling machine offers distinct features that set it apart in the competitive market of automatic cartridge filling systems.

Advanced Technology and User-Friendly Interface:

The FM-07 boasts a user-friendly touch screen interface that simplifies the operation process, a feature that is not universally available in other models. This ease of use reduces training time and operational errors, making it accessible to a broader range of employees.

Versatility and Adaptability:

Unlike many machines that are limited to specific cartridge sizes or oil viscosities, the FM-07 is highly adaptable. It can handle a variety of cartridge types and oil viscosities thanks to its adjustable temperature controls and filling settings. This versatility makes it an excellent investment for businesses that produce multiple types of cannabis oil products.

Efficiency and Speed:

In terms of speed, the FM-07 is capable of filling 800-1200 cartridges per hour, positioning it as one of the fastest machines in its class. This capability is crucial for businesses looking to scale operations without compromising the quality of their products.


While the upfront cost of the FM-07 may be higher than some simpler models, its efficiency in operation and minimal waste production offer long-term savings. These cost savings, coupled with the machine’s durability and low maintenance requirements, provide a favorable return on investment.

Comparing the FM-07 with other models on the market underscores its superiority in several key areas, including technology, versatility, efficiency, and user-friendliness. This makes the FM-07 a preferred choice for businesses aiming to enhance their production capabilities efficiently and effectively.

Choosing the Right Machine for Your Needs

Selecting the right oil cartridge filling machine involves several factors that can influence the success and efficiency of your production line. Here are some considerations to help you decide if the FM-07 is the right fit for your business needs:

Production Volume:

Assess your current and projected production volumes. The FM-07 is ideal for medium to high-volume production environments due to its high-speed capabilities and robust construction.

Product Types:

Consider the types of products you plan to fill. The FM-07’s adjustable settings for volume and temperature make it suitable for a wide range of viscosities and cartridge types, providing the flexibility needed for businesses that deal with various cannabis oil formulations.

Operational Complexity:

Evaluate the skill level of your workforce. The FM-07’s intuitive touch screen interface and programmable logic controller ensure ease of use and can reduce the learning curve for operators.

Budget and ROI:

Analyze your budget constraints and desired return on investment. The FM-07, while possibly more costly upfront, offers significant long-term savings through efficient production, minimal downtime, and reduced waste.

As the industry grows, and with more cartridge filling machines for sale, choosing the right one can seem daunting. However, the FM-07 makes that decision easier with its user-friendly interface and robust design, making it a top choice for businesses aiming to increase their market presence swiftly and efficiently.


The FM-07 Cartridge Filling Machine stands out as a top-tier solution for cannabis oil filling, offering unmatched efficiency, precision, and flexibility. Its advanced technological features, combined with user-friendly operation and versatile application capabilities, make it an invaluable asset for any cannabis oil producer looking to optimize their filling processes and expand production capacity. By investing in the FM-07, businesses can not only meet the growing demands of the market but also ensure consistent product quality that their customers expect. This machine is not just a purchase; it’s a strategic investment in the future of cannabis oil production.

Elevate your production efficiency and product quality with the FM-07 Cartridge Filling Machine. Ideal for high-demand environments, it guarantees precision, speed, and reliability. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards optimizing your cannabis oil operations.

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