Introducing Our Signature Product: A 5-Head Automatic Oil Cartridge Filling Machine

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Welcome to Longwill, your reliable and trusted company focusing on supplying superior-quality cartridge filling machines. As a professional company in the cartridge filling machine industry, we have been entertaining customers with our top-notch services and products since 2014. In this unique piece of writing, we will introduce our signature product, which is none other than 5-Head Automatic Oil Cartridge Filling Machine.

Before discussing the features and advantages of this amazing machine, let’s briefly discuss what a cartridge-filling machine is. Without any further delay, let’s begin with our topic:

What is a Cartridge Filling Machine?

Have you ever wondered how cartridges in various equipment are filled? If yes, then you are at the right place. Read on to satisfy your curiosity.

Advanced equipment responsible for filling various equipment in different fields including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and especially cannabis is called a cartridge filling machine. A cartridge filling machine is designed to fill cartridges with liquid or semi-liquids precisely and efficiently.

Cartridge filling machines are particularly used in the cannabis industry for filling vape cartridges with cannabis extract or oil. Cartridge filling machines are preferred over other filling machines because they are specifically designed to handle a range of viscosities. Such advanced machines are designed to fill numerous cartridges at a time or in quick succession. The filling depends on the model of the machine you are using.

The traditional cartridge filling machine involves the following components:

1.Conveyor System
2.Sealing Mechanism

Loading system aka conveyor system is used in cartridge filling machines for placing empty cartridges and passing them through filling stations. Where the liquid or particular extract is dispensed into the cartridge. After passing through the conveyor, the cartridge reaches the sealing mechanism. As the name suggests, the sealing mechanism seals or caps the filled cartridges to prevent contamination or leakage.

Cartridge filling machines come in a wide variety of sizes and their features vary from model to model. Whether you own a small business or run a massive cannabis industry, you can acquire a cartridge filling machine according to your needs.

Having set the stage with our introduction, it’s time to explore our main product in detail. Let’s break down what makes it special and how it can benefit you.

5-Head Automatic Oil Cartridge Filling Machine:

The advanced type of automatic cartridge filling machine that consists of 5 heads of nozzles for precise filling of cartridges is called a 5 Head Automatic Oil Cartridge Filling Machine. Having five nozzles means this advanced equipment is able to fill cartridges at a time without any disruption. This machine can increase filling efficiency and fill multiple cartridges in less time compared to traditional cartridge filling machines.

Our machine is designed to operate automatically. All you need to do is provide instructions to the machine, and it will handle the rest for you. However, as indicated by the name, this machine is specifically designed for filling cartridges with oil. Such cartridges are widely used in the cannabis industry for vaping products.

Also, if you own a pharmaceutical or cosmetic company and want a highly advanced automatic filling machine for filling oil in cartridges or related structures, then this machine is the best option for you.

Some unique features offered by 5 head automatic oil cartridge filling machine are listed hereunder:

1.Filling Capacity:

The machine has an oil tank of 2.5L. The filling capacity of the machine ranges between 0.2 and 0.7 ml.

2. Oil Filling Accuracy:

Accurate oil filling in cartridges is important to ensure product integrity and customer satisfaction. This product offers remarkable oil filling accuracy of ±1%. A 5-head automatic oil cartridge filling machine offers unparalleled reliability in dispensing accurate quantities. This level of preciseness not only guarantees accuracy but also reduces waste during the filling procedure.


Filling capacity and oil filling accuracy are not enough. In today’s era, speed is equally important. We made a 5-head automatic oil cartridge filling machine our signature product for a reason. It rises to the challenge, boasting an impressive output of 2000-3000 sticks per hour.

4.Power Supply:

What sets this machine apart is its versatility in power supply. It can support both AC220V and AC110V. Thus accommodating a diverse range of voltage requirements. This thoughtful approach ensures seamless integration into manufacturing facilities worldwide. Manufacturers can rely on this machine with 220V or 110V depending on power grids.

5.Other Features:

Other features of our signature product include unparalleled adaptability and a temperature range of 0-120 Celsius. Equipped with a stepper motor, rail drive, and panel control including a touch screen, operational button, and smart filing system, this machine is one of the best on the market.

Why choose the 5-head automatic oil cartridge filling machine over other machines?

The Longwill 5-Head Automatic Oil Cartridge Filling Machine offers several advantages for filling thick CBD and THC distillate oils into cartridges and disposables. Here are some of its key advantages:

  1. High Efficiency: The machine is designed to fill products at a rapid pace, with 5 filling needles, enabling it to fill around 2500 pieces per hour. This high throughput is crucial for meeting the demands of a busy production environment.
  2. Precision Filling: The machine is specifically designed for thick distillate oils, ensuring accurate and consistent filling for each cartridge or disposable. This precision is essential to maintain product quality and dosage consistency.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The machine is typically equipped with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for operators to control and monitor the filling process. This reduces the learning curve and makes training new staff more straightforward.
  4. Reduced Labor Costs: Automation reduces the need for manual labor, which not only lowers labor costs but also minimizes the chances of human error in the filling process. This can lead to increased overall cost-efficiency.
  5. Consistency and Product Integrity: The machine helps maintain the integrity and consistency of your product, which is critical in the cannabis industry where dosage accuracy and product quality are paramount.
  6. Customizable Settings: The machine is likely to offer adjustable settings for filling speed, fill volume, and other parameters. This adaptability allows you to fine-tune the machine to meet the specific requirements of your product.
  7. Quality Control: Many of these machines are equipped with quality control features, such as sensors and detectors, to ensure that each cartridge or disposable is filled accurately and free from defects.
  8. Compliance and Regulation: Filling machines like the 5-head oil cartridge can help ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, as they offer a high level of precision and documentation for quality control and batch tracking.
  9. Hygienic Design: Many of these machines are built with materials and designs that are easy to clean and sanitize, which is important in industries where maintaining product purity is crucial.
  10. Scalability: As your business grows, these machines can be integrated into larger production lines or combined with other equipment to meet increased production demands.

Why Choose Longwill?

Our team is happy to answer this question that everyone asks before establishing a cooperative relationship. Because there are more than enough reasons to choose us over other suppliers.

Shenzhen Longwill Technology Co., Ltd is a reliable, trusted, and professional company that has been providing high-quality cartridge filling equipment to customers since 2014. With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in a variety of equipment, including distillate cartridge filling machines, auto cart filling machines, cartridge capping machines, full auto filling and capping machines, pre-rolled cone filling machines, and related parts and accessories.

Besides that, we also specialize in manufacturing disposable pens, disposable pods, etc. We offer the following advantages to our valuable clients:

1. Support OEM/ODM services
2. A strict quality control system. Our company has developed IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC, etc to ensure the best quality of our products
3. All of our products pass through CE, RoHS, ASTM, and FAD certifications to meet the high standards of the local market.
4. For the satisfaction of the client, we offer sample orders.
5. Our company has excellent pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sale services.

The following comments were expressed by Adam Sendler, a Purchase Manager, after utilizing our services:

“This is my second purchase. I am very satisfied with both the product and the price. The sales staff responded quickly, and politely and I was able to purchase with confidence. I would like to request it again next time. Highly recommended! Thank you very much.”

Another testimonial from our valuable client Steve is worth mentioning in this article. He commented as follows:

“Machine is running great. Zero Leaking and everything filled precisely. I’m very happy with the purchase”

Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Led by James, our Chief Engineer, who has over 20 years of experience in the machinery industry, we are committed to providing innovative and efficient filling and capping solutions to clients worldwide. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to learn more about us and get a quote on your required product.

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